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  • Angela Maupin, CDCA

    Are you a teen or adult struggling with substance use/abuse, body image concerns, or low self-esteem? Life transitions sometimes come out of nowhere or are sometimes planned. Either way, those transitions may have you struggling to see the positives in life. Looking at situations from different perspectives and building the skills necessary to manage these stressors can change your outlook and life.
    I believe in values-based treatment. Personal values are the things that are most important to us. Values provide direction, and give meaning to life. We can work together to identify the values that are most important in your life and build achievable goals to help you to live a life moving towards those values.
    I work with teen girls and adults that want to challenge their negative self-perceptions and learn the skills needed to manage life, especially when it is messy and seems out of control. Let’s work together to build your life worth living.