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  • Angela Maupin

    Are you a teenager or adult struggling with life challenges and are finding that you resort to poor coping or substance use? Maybe it started with a small stressor that resulted in few drinks here or there but ultimately has spiraled beyond your control. You want to stop feeling like your life is all over the place but feel like you can’t escape. Asking for help has been a challenge and you need someone to guide you on the next steps.
    I believe in connecting with people through compassion, empathy and building a trusting relationship that encourages success. Working to grow the necessary tools and have accountability to keep you from feeling alone in your recovery process. I have experience in working with acute mental health and chronic substance abuse.
    I will help you grow through the challenges you face and obtain the necessary tools to courageously challenge your negative inner voice. I work with anybody that wants to challenge their poor coping and learn the skills needed to manage life, especially when it is seems messy and out of control. Let’s work together to build your life worth living.