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  • Cassi Robbins

    Are you a parent hoping to find an open, flexible counselor to work with your child? Does your child struggle with anxiety, depression, body-image, or self-confidence issues? Have they engaged in self-harming behaviors or expressed suicidal thoughts? Problems that kids face have an impact on their academic, social and emotional functioning which can lead to distressing relationships, and finding a caring counselor can help reduce that impact. If your child is aged 5-18, you’ve found a safe place for help.

    Through my own personal journey with anxiety, I have found passion in assisting others overcome similar challenges. Your child can expect a relaxed, non-judgmental environment to identify goals, explore ongoing struggles, and achieve personal success. I teach how to challenge negative thoughts, incorporate new coping skills, manage distress, and engage in non-judgmental thinking. I focus on the individual and adapting my clinical skills to help them realize how important they are and how they have the strength to overcome any obstacle.

    If your child needs to explore their emotions and process events happening in their lives, look no further. I am currently accepting new clients and want to help individuals identify positive change and behaviors in their situations. As a child it may feel like they have no control, and through counseling we can learn how to manage that. “You can’t choose the canvas or the pain in life, but you decide the picture you’ll paint.”