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  • Darsey Stump MS, LPC, LICDC

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    Do you feel like one unexpected event occurred and has spiraled out of control? Maybe a planned life transition happened such as marriage, motherhood, or empty nesting, and the pandemic has vastly changed how you expected it to be. You are often the “tough one” that no one thinks needs help, but you are ready to allow someone in. You are ready to share your struggles with someone and face them head on. Perhaps getting out of bed in the morning has become a challenge, or you’re drinking or using other things more than you’d like, or you’re experiencing stress and anxiety from thinking about all the things that could go wrong. 

    I believe that growth is messy, and I use humor and lightheartedness in sessions when fitting. I aim to provide a space that is uplifting and engaging as you navigate the new changes in your life. Helping others help and learn about themselves is what I love to do. I have experience in working with trauma, substance use, and building resilience in oneself. 

    You are in charge of your own life. Together let’s build up your skillset and resiliency to better handle the twists and turns that life throws your way. I work with all adult women that are experiencing life transitions, postpartum concerns, and family/partner conflict. You deserve to take care of you. Call today to schedule a free 15 min consultation.