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  • MJ Ostrowski

    I am a humanistic provider working with adults through mental health challenges, trauma, grief, and life stressors. As a mother myself, I am passionate about serving those on their fertility journey, those facing infertility challenges, and providing emotional support from prenatal periods through postpartum. As a therapist, I treasure the therapeutic relationship and I believe that there is no greater privilege than to hold space for someone, without judgement on their journey. I think there is beauty in the complexity and messiness of being human, and self-compassion practices are a passion of mine.

    Using a trauma informed lense where all behavior makes sense, we can explore your themes and patterns together in order to create healthy and sustainable change. I view working together not as a “one size fits all model” but as a collaborative alliance where you are the expert on you.

    I am excited about helping you recognize your own inner strength, growing your confidence, self-worth and supporting you in identifying your growth goals. I recognize your bravery in seeking help and I am here for you.