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  • Christy Ellis

    Accepting New telehealth clients w/ limited Saturday availability.

    You are not a broken human needing to be fixed. You’ve been thrown a great deal in your life and it’s okay to feel like you can’t always handle it. Maybe it feels like you’re wearing a mask and don’t know who you can trust to be your most authentic self around. You are not alone and together we can explore the roots of this pain and learn tools to help you manage the hard things in life. In my role as counselor, I see myself not as the expert, but as a guide to support you in finding the peace and happiness that already exists somewhere inside of you. 

    As a member and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, I have personal and professional experience in matters such as coming out, impacts of coming out on the family, and transgender issues. My passion is in helping marginalized folks conquer societal barriers that make it hard to see possibility for change and listen to your story in an open and inviting way.

    I also work with those in addiction and provide a non-judgemental and compassionate place to explore strength for change. The work is not easy, however, it is so very worth it. Your authentic self deserves a space in this world. Your story is still unwritten and you can take back the pen. I look forward to walking with you on this new journey.