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  • Heather “Grace” Maglalang

    As human beings, we all have a different perspective on life and what it has to offer. In counseling, we can process those emotions together and see if we can make the negatives into positives. I believe in building a strong and trustful rapport within each session to allow the safe space that you may need. In counseling and everyday life, you are allowed to feel what you feel.

                   As a counselor, I offer non-judgmental safe space for children, teenagers, and young adults to process new oncoming emotions and life transitions. I emphasize the collaborative process in therapy to allow the understanding of feeling in control. For children, the use of play-therapy is emphasized within my practice to create and work on their personal level and create a communicative work space that they can understand. Fortunately, play does not have an age limit and can be used for those that may struggle with talk-therapy. If uno and connect 4 is not in your ideal therapy session, that is still okay! The beauty of therapy is you get to make it what you want.

                   I strive to work on creating new coping-skills for new life events or transitions, helping those understand their worth and increasing their self-esteem, and recognizing one’s strength and capabilities. Let’s work together so you can fully express yourself and strengthen your self-esteem.