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  • Holly Giarratano

    Accepting telehealth clients only at this time. Do you feel like life has gotten overwhelming and you are unable of how to handle it all? Maybe you’re feeling down about yourself, or feelings of uncertainty have set it. You’re looking for someone to help you navigate the challenges and help you regain the confidence you need in yourself to be back on your game. Perhaps getting out of bed in the morning has become a challenge, or you’re drinking or using other things more than you’d like. You’re experiencing stress and anxiety thinking about all of the things that could go wrong with limited support to lean on.

    You don’t have to do this alone and I use support and encouragement to help challenge the negative beliefs of self. I aim to provide a space that is uplifting and enables you to be in control of your change. Helping others challenge their own growth is what I love to do. I specialize in goal setting, skill building and overcoming persistent challenges.

    You want to make a change but feel like you can’t do it alone. Together let’s build up your confidence in being able to better handle to daily challenges that feel unmanageable. I work with adults that are struggling with poor coping, negative beliefs of self and interpersonal conflict. You deserve the opportunity to grow, let’s take the next step together.