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  • Matt Knochel

    Life is full of unpredictable challenges and confusion, and our mental health can suffer if we try to figure it all out alone. Keeping it inside, hiding it with alcohol or drugs, and hiding from the world seem easy at first but only lead to more trouble later. The support of an impartial and trained professional makes a huge difference in these situations.

    As a licensed counselor my job is not to give advice or direction but to collaborate with you and offer strategies for overcoming depression, controlling anger, managing relationships and tolerating distress. Everyone is different, so strategies and coping mechanisms will vary greatly. 

    Therapy doesn’t have to be a serious, stuffy engagement. My goal is to be a sounding board for your objectives while instilling hope and joy into your life, so you can achieve all you deserve and overcome any roadblocks along the way.

    “Life is fucked, let’s joke about it and see if we can figure some shit out.”