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  • General Counseling Services

    Individual Counseling

    30 or 60 minute sessions available. Individualized treatment to help you achieve your identified goals. Check out our team page to select a counselor that is best for you!

    Family Counseling

    Navigating family conflict can be a challenge. Having a counselor help with communication, boundary setting and learning how to trust can help to improve any family discord. Our clinicians have extensive experience in working with families impacted by addiction. A variety of family counseling packages are available.

    Intensive Outpatient Programming

    Designed specifically for those struggling with co-occurring disorders, our IOP is a place to learn how to transition to a sober lifestyle. We will help you explore your triggers, healthy coping patters and finding the fun in recovery. Our IOP is currently offered IN PERSON and is available Monday-Thursday 6:00pm-8:15pm.

    Court Evaluations

    Are you in need of a mental health evaluation or have recently gotten a DUI? Our staff is readily available to help get you a quick assessment and direct communication with your legal team. Not only will you find our process seamless, you will get the least restrictive intervention for treatment. You are also able to complete any required treatment with the Self-Care Counseling team.

    Wellness Series

    Staying connected to a group of individuals hoping to better their mental health is empowering. Not only will you develop connections, but you will also gain improved mental health. Our Wellness Series offers 6-week courses with small group settings and a targeted goal. Beginning May 2022-this is something you don’t want to miss!

    Substance Abuse Outpatient Classes

    A step-down from IOP, outpatient classes are designed for clients to stay involved with care at a less intensive setting. Not only will you be working with your counselor, you will have access to our Personal Addiction Counselor, Sarah who is in recovery herself.

    General Counseling Services